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Families of Adults Affected

by Asperger's Syndrome



SALVE – Help for NT Spouses Whose Partner Has Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism

Parents of Adults with Autism: Your Rights

Intimacy and Romance in NT-AS Relations


How Brain Scans Can Diagnose Autism With 97% Accuracy

The Flaws of Checklist Psychiatry

When Eros Meets Autos: Marriage to Someone With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Myths about Asperger’s Syndrome

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)


Mental illnesses share genetic underpinnings

Physician's Information on Autism Disability

First Seminar about Asperger’s Syndrome in adults at UCAECE Mar del Plata, Argentina

Caring for an Autistic Adult

Young adults with autism lag in school, work

Autism causes profound problems for children and their families. So why are doctors still reluctant to diagnose it?

Depression Common in Young Adults with Asperger’s

Brain scans in infants shed light on autism onset

Dietary management for children and adolescents with ASDs: over-eating

People raised by parents with Aspergers Syndrome

Victoria Harris's Asperger syndrome 'success story'

Autism boom: an epidemic of disease or of discovery? - PT 1 of 4

Work woes for Dorset Asperger's patient

Autism: From Mind Blindness to Context Blindness

Navigating Love and Autism

Autism hidden in plain sight - PT 4 of 4

Families cling to hope of autism ‘recovery’ - PT 3 of 4

Warrior parents fare best in securing autism services - PT 2 of 4

Autism boom: an epidemic of disease or of discovery? - PT 1 of 4

Is Having Autism A Defense For Hacking?

Living with Asperger's- diagnoses at 30 changes man's life

My husband is cold and unemotional

Autism's Lone Wolf

Autism risks for siblings are higher than thought

Margaret Jensvold, Maryland Mom Who Killed Son Ben Barnhard, Agonized Over School Costs

Asperger's Syndrome and Autism

Conditions That Often Accompany Asperger’s Syndrome

Autism prevalence study raises questions about Asperger’s syndrome

South Korean Study Suggests Autism Rate May Be Much Higher

How Asperger’s Disorder is Diagnosed

Asperger syndrome: a clinical account

ASDs and Involvement in the Criminal Justice System

Adults With Autism May Not Understand Others' Intentions

What Will The Future Hold For Patients With Aspergers Syndrome?

There's something different about dad

Girls with Asperger’s Syndrome

Aspergers and divorce, Cassandra Syndrome

My Husband Has Asperger's

For the First Time, a Census of Autistic Adults

Common Comorbid Conditions Associated with Autism

Doctors are 'failing to spot Asperger's in girls'

Blasting Stereotypes in Autistic Females

What Parents Need to Know About Their Child's Autism Diagnosis

Feeling our way to decision

They’re Autistic—and They’re in Love

Autism 'may be missed in girls'

Charity Welcomes Landmark Autism Announcement, UK

Asperger's: My life as an Earthbound alien

Most autistic adults 'isolated'

Revealed: 'invisible' adults living with autism

A Spectrum of Disorders:  The urgent search to understand the biological basis of autism

Video: Forgotten Girls – Researchers examine whether autism among girls goes undetected

Underdiagnosed' Girls With Autism Struggle to Fit In

Youth Violence – A Mother’s View

Genetic link to autism may explain speaking problems

Answering contextually demanding questions: pragmatic errors produced by children with Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism.

Psychiatric Disorders in the Parents of Individuals with Infantile Autism: A Case-Control Study

Your Child's Disorder May Be Yours, Too

Anorexia may be genetic disorder linked to autism

What Autistic Girls Are Made Of

With rise in autism, programs strained, Parents struggle to get services

Asperger's Disorder and Criminal Behavior: Forensic-Psychiatric Considerations

Petty Quarrels Turn Deadly: Empty Tissue Roller Leads To Murder

Abstract: Autistic Social Impairment in the Siblings of Children With Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Asperger's call to boost business

The really nutty professor

Assortive Mating Theory

Mystery Of Robert Durst

Asperger syndrome from childhood into adulthood

Neurodiversity Forever; The Disability Movement Turns to Brains

Answer, but No Cure, for a Social Disorder That Isolates Many

Understanding Our Gifted and Complex Minds: Intelligence, Asperger's Syndrome, and Learning Disabilities at MIT

Counseling A.S. Adults – It’s all in the process

The challenge of adolescents and adults with Asperger syndrome

Living with Asperger’s

Adult victims of autism are left on jobs scrapheap

Autism misdiagnosis 'ruined a life'

Casting Light on Shadow Syndromes




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