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Families of Adults Affected

by Asperger's Syndrome

"What a better way to learn about a culture, than to live with them."*

Those who live with a family member, friend or co-worker with Asperger's Syndrome often struggle silently with concerns and frustrations. At FAAAS, we strive to inform, validate and support family members who do not have Asperger's Syndrome, but whose lives are affected by this disorder.





Adults with Asperger Disorder Misdiagnosed as Schizophrenic

Psychologists have a prominent role in the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders. With the inclusion of Asperger disorder in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition: American Psychiatric Association, 1994), there is an explosion of interest in mild autistic disorders. This syndrome, which is characterized by problems in interpersonal relatedness, empathetic communication, and imagination, has only recently become known in this country.

Strategies Can Help Calm Children with Autism Undergoing Surgery

Surgeons have historically relied on sedation to deal with the distress of children with autism being prepped to undergo an operation, but a new review outlines other strategies that may help both doctors and patients have a better experience.

Loneliness can literally hurt your heart, scientists say

Researchers reported in the journal Heart this week that poor social relationships could actually hurt your heart. The study involved what is known as a meta-analysis of 23 previous studies involving 181,000 people. This involves taking the raw data, pooling it and reanalyzing it. In total, the studies included 4,628 cases of cardiovascular disease and 3,002 stroke cases. The researchers found that being lonely or socially isolated appeared to be associated with a 29 percent increase in risk of heart disease and with a 32 percent increase in risk of stroke.

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